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May 21st, 2010

Nurse Treasury

My Rhinestone Band-Aid pin was selected for a new Etsy treasury featuring nurse-themed goodies.  Thanks, HouseHoldWords, for choosing it!  I am such a sucker for anything nurse-related.  And that latex/rubber nurse costume is just scrumptious.  This treasury will only be active for a limited time so check it out NOW :]

Gearbunny in Etsy Nurse Treasury

Nurse Chic Rhinestone Band-Aid Accessory

May 18th, 2010

Your Art Studio Organization Style

One of my obsessions is seeing the work spaces of artists I admire.  It’s so interesting to get a behind-the- scenes look at how they organize their spaces and supplies.  Do they have their own studio or do they work from home?  Are they a Clean Queen or a Messy Bessie?  (Yes, I just came up with that one! Clever…)

Over the years of crafting I’ve discovered that I’m definitely a mix of both.  Generally I like to keep all my supplies and projects displayed on my desk around me.  That way I have my materials available at a glance to inspire me.  I call it organized chaos.  My loved ones call it a disaster area.  And they may have a point – the downside to this system is that I often end up with a desk cluttered with clay, beads, pliers, tools, you name it.   I’ve also perfected the art of sweeping things off to the side of my desk to clear a workable (yet tiny) space for current crafting.  After awhile the clutter will bring me to my knees and I do a giant clean sweep, ending up with a clear pristine desk.  Only to accumulate again, and the cycle begins anew.

What’s your creative space style?  Clean Queen, Messy Bessie, or a hybrid somewhere in-between?

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