August 14th, 2011

American Apparel Hunter + Sinful Colors Call You Later glitter

Hunter by American Apparel is a medium hunter green creme.  Although I’m not a fan of AA’s thin, skimpy brush, it did apply this polish evenly in two coats.  It dries to a glossy finish and tends to look almost black indoors.

I have a lot of untried Sinful Colors glitters that I’ve been itching to bust out, so I painted Call You Later on top.  It’s a clear base packed with different sizes of fine golden olive and emerald green glitter.

It works like a dream over Hunter’s dark base.  Mmm, green sparklies.

This is one coat – all that’s really needed for an application like this, because the glitter is so dense.  I loved the depth and interest it added!  Since the glitter is finely textured this wasn’t much of a problem to take off – a nice bonus since the hassle of removing glitters can deter me from wearing them.  I just used a cotton ball and my regular non-acetone Cutex nail polish remover.



~ Allison ~


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2 Responses to “American Apparel Hunter + Sinful Colors Call You Later glitter”

  1. I’m so sad I swapped Hunter away! It’s so beautiful.

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